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  • Our commitment and determination to always go further and supply a product of an excellent quality means that Mijanovic Plc, founded in 2002, works with the most prestigious brands of the Swiss watch-making industry. Speed, quality and confidentiality are the key strengths of our company.

  • Our 70 members of staff are constantly developing and improving their expertise and technical knowledge. The advantage of collaborating with us is that you are able to go through all the stages to produce your product with one sole partner, from its development to its assembly.

  • Uniform engraving to a hundredth of a millimetre, without retouches. A tolerance of ± 3 hundredths of a millimetre after polishing.

  • Watchmaking – Jewellery – Medical

  • Mijanovic Plc. can produce small and large batches, without any impact on quality.


We support you in the process of developing your project.


Machining and bar turning

Always avant-garde, our manufacturing, bar turning workshop houses the best multi-spindle equipment available on the market

Automatic polishing

For the most complex operations, whilst maintaining dimension specifications.



Our workshop, equipped with several 5-axis machines, can carry out the most complex engraving.

Quality Control & Washing

The latest generation of washing stations for impeccable cleanliness.



We carry out assembly in our dedicated internal production department.

Radenko Mijanovic

Radenka Mijanovic

Managing Director

Head of Quality Control

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